by Swim Moms

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If you're in the dark for too long, seeing light hurts.
I know you've felt that.
And I know I've felt that.
We have to remember, of course, that fear of that pain doesn't make darkness a better choice.
But there will be a whole new day and the sun will rise for us and the world will too.
And for that I am grateful


released June 14, 2017

Swim Moms
Shepard Martin - weeeeally sad :(
Matthew Murphy - flexes on self 24/7
Will Walker - real name Serengeti Jones
Frank Louthan - was in a program

Guest vocals on Streak by Mary Stuart Herlihy

Produced, mixed and mastered by Atticus Hicks
Engineered by Taylor Pendley
Album art by Mary Stuart Herlihy

All songs written by Swim Moms



all rights reserved


Swim Moms Atlanta, Georgia

we out here...rats in the sewer

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Track Name: Swim Moms Theme
Oh what fun, it's a beautiful night this summer
Oh what fun, it's a beautiful night tonight

Get in my car, tonight will be the bomb
Get in my car and kick it with your moms
Track Name: Stuck
I wish I was born a girl
So I could wear nail polish and makeup
To hide any examples of the ways that I feel sad

I wish I was still a Republican
So I could have an excuse to use violence against those who make me mad
And I wouldn't argue with my dad

I wish I wouldn't argue with my dad
But it'll be fine

I wish I was one of the cool kids
Not some dumb fuck who started a band
Who gets defined as a depressed addict before I can even shake their hand

I wish I was more like my sister
That I could care that much about school
I wish I wasn't a disappointment who breaks all of the rules

I break all of the rules
But I guess I'll be fine

I wish that I was older
So I could be in charge of myself
Or I wish I was still a child who didn't worry about hell

I wish I wasn't stuck in Georgia
I wish I wasn't stuck in the South
But in-state tuition and lack of funds will probably keep me from figuring that out

They'll probably keep me from figuring that out
Track Name: Cigarettes
I've got no cigarettes so I just plead
To broke men in gas stations, "Buy some for me"
'Cause I am not old enough, I'm not eighteen
So I'm sorry, sir, but I have no ID

The tobacco it tastes good, the smoke it smells nice
The nicotine helps me on those sleepless nights
And I'm killing myself, but I don't really care
It's hard to worry when you're not really there

And I am here smoking with friends and we talk
Late nights about how we killed God in our thoughts
And how we are older but we're not alive
And how we don't see ourselves past twenty-five
Track Name: Alien
Let me take a look inside your head
Tell you what's alive and what is dead
Tell me all about your pain and all your scars
While we sit on the moon and watch the stars

Every one of them knows my name
Every one of them feels my pain
Every one of them knows I'm searching
But none of them knows what for

There's something different about you
Maybe it's the fact that your hair is blue
And your hair is is shaped like an alien
I just want to tell all my friends
Track Name: Kill Floyd
You never delete text messages
So why did you delete his?
Why'd you text him anyway?
I'm feeling so stupid today

Maybe it's all up in my mind
I'm not sleeping too well at night
But I'm much more than battered pride
Okay, I'll be okay

But now it's not just in my head
I know you'd rather them instead
But it's fine, I'll get over it
I swear, I'll be okay
Track Name: All Black Vans
I wear my all black vans
Listen to emo bands
I say I hate the world
And fall for damaged girls

It's not that serious
I'm so delirious
If I could just calm down
I'd figure this thing out

I think there's something wrong with me
There I said it
I'm feeling so psychopathetic

I fucking hate this place
I want to run away
They say that they love me
But I just want to leave

We'll all hop in my car
Hoping to get real far
We'll take off real fast
And then run out of gas
Track Name: Infinitely Now
Kill your mind
Takes no time

Hold the phone
Cut me down
The only thing that matters is the infinitely now

Free your mind
You'll be fine
Track Name: Sleepless Nights
Tell him that you love him
Tell him that you care
I don't really matter
I was never there

I miss your sleepy eyes
I miss those sleepless night where we used to run and hide
I miss your sleepy mind
I miss those sleepless nights

Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you know
Just what it feels like
To never let it go
Track Name: Sad
Answer all the questions, all the calls I've tried to make
You don't know the half of it and I am so afraid
That I will just hear what I want to hear and never hear the truth
Oh my god, I am so scared and I am still in love with you

I am empathetic, some say that's my biggest flaw
I try to help everybody, but I can't fix them at all
And I'd rip off both my head and hands and rip out both my lungs
If that could fix anybody, but I can't help anyone

Just tell me that you'll be fine
Just tell me that you'll be fine and you will wake up in the morning

I'm scared around my mother just to roll up both my sleeves
'Cause one's hiding something special and the other's hiding what I think
And I don't want to be different, I just want to feel the same
I don't wanna be so sad anymore, I want to fix my brain

Just tell me you'll wake up in the morning, it'll be fine
Track Name: Streak
Give me one last cigarette and I swear I'll be fine
In the morning I'll regret losing this streak of mine
Losing this streak of mine

Tell me what I need to hear and I'll do to you the same
Sounds like thunder in my ears and lighting in my veins
And lightning in my veins